Brad Vickers review 04-25-12….


DALLAS BLUES  1912-2012


In March, 1912, the first published sheet music of any blues song (or with “blues” in the title)was Hart Ward’s composition of “Dallas Blues.”  The lyrics were added in 1918 by Lloyd Garrett, completing this song, also the first publication of a song done in a true blues fashion.  To celebrate the centennial of this historic publication, Brad Vickers And His Vestapolitans have recorded their version of “Dallas Blues” as a downloadable CD single, with all proceeds going to the Blues Foundation’s H. A. R. T. Fund.  This is the Handy Artist’s Relief Trust, to fund aid to blues musicians and their families with health concerns and to help them financially.


Brad Vickers is no stranger to the blues spotlight, having worked with Pinetop, Jimmy Rogers, and Hubert Sumlin, just to name a few.  He and this band have three critically-acclaimed CD’s of their own, and they perform this tune in the true, vintage, early-20th Century style in which it was published.  Charles Burnham and Margey Peters are on fiddle, Brad is on guitar and vocals, Jim Davis on clarinet, Matt Cowan on sax, Michael Bram on mandolin, Dave Gross on slapback bass, and Bill Rankin on drums.


This cut has a cool-old-time feel with call-and-response vocals and instrumentation, befitting this song’s place in blues history.  Add to that the fact that money raised from downloads will help the musicians that have helped keep the blues alive as a viable genre’, and this is a can’t-miss opportunity for a slice of history!  Until next time….Sheryl and Don Crow, Nashville Blues Society

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