Ron Dziubla review…April 6, 2013…






Tenor and baritone sax blaster Ron Dziubla honed his considerable chops by backing the legendary twang-master, Duane Eddy.  With a huge, fat tone reminiscent of Fifties’ sax icons such as Lee Allen and Gene “Daddy G” Barge, Ron also counts as his contemporaries current players like Sax Gordon Beadle and Elvin Bishop alumnus Terry Hanck.   Ron has just released his latest, all-instrumental album for Rip Cat, entitled “Nasty Habit.”  He penned or co-penned nine originals, and picked two unbelievable covers to round out the package.


Recorded at the Pow Wow Fun Room in Los Angeles, Ron turned that facility into a “Mad Men”-era playroom of sorts, and you can feel that vibe throughout the album, hearkening back to a time when instrumentals ruled the airwaves.  “Fine Time”  leads off, swingin’ a slow groove with background handclaps, and Farfisa organ.  Ron lets “Loose” with some staccato blowing on this cut, and Pete Curry pounds away on the skins, giving this one a decidedly “surf” groove.  Ron pays tribute to Mickey Spillane and Detective Mike Hammer with an authentic rendition of “Harlem Nocturne,” while his version of “Night Train” was, for us anyways, a bit more jazz-oriented.


We had three favorites, too.  “Spy Step” again uses rapid-fire, staccato leads and backing organ to give the illusion of Austin Powers on speed.  And, you can almost envision “Mad Men’s” Don Draper character sizing up his next conquest as “Moan” plays in the background.  The opposite of that cut is the one that deals with the kind of woman we’ve all seen—stiletto heels, and a skirt short enough to get your attention.  When you ask her what she’s drinking, she coyly coos, “a Lemon Drop Martini, and YOU for dessert!”


The good folks at Rip Cat pride themselves on their mantra of total artistic creativity for all the artists on their roster.  With “Nasty Habit,” Ron Dziubla takes us back to a time that, if you’re old enough to remember, will bring back some great memories.  And, for the young’uns, sit back and enjoy a true sax master lettin’ the good times roll!!  Until next time….Sheryl and Don Crow.

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