Pristine No Regret review…July 25, 2013…



PRIS CD 1001


We were first introduced to Norway’s Heidi Solheim and Pristine during their incredible run at the IBC’s in Memphis a few years back with their initial album, “Detoxing.’  They are back and are fully-engaged with a second scorching set of blues-rock, this one entitled “No Regret.”  Heidi and her incredibly-fiery vocals lead the way over these nine originals that indeed bring out a more vulnerable yet still rough-edged side of her and the fellows.


Backing Heidi once again are stalwarts Espen Jakobsen and his unbelieveable guitar chops, Anders Oskal on B-3, Asmund Eriksson on bass, and Kim Karlsen on drums.  They have really done their homework, as the Hendrix-Zep-Cream-Allman influences fit Heidi’s song ideas perfectly throughout on this one.


The set kicks off with the hummable riff of “Carry Your Own Weight,” dealing with what the old folks used to say, “what goes around comes around.”  Heidi shows her deep, soulful side on this set, and the title cut is a great example.  “No Regret” traces her pain as she realizes all too late that her years invested in a love affair have been for naught, having reached that “point of no return.”  She continues in that vein to close the set, with the somber “Beyond Retreat.’


There’s a great deal of rockin’ blues to be heard on this one, too.  “She Won” details the eventual winner in a lover’s battle of cheating and lying, with the interplay between Espen’s guitar and Anders’ B-3 meshing nicely.  “One Good Reason” is presented in two versions, the first as a full-on amplified account of betrayal and the consequences thereof.  The second has Heidi singing it as a country-blues, Delta-fied number, over the slide mastery of guest Bjorn Berge.


We had two favorites, one rocker and one for the soul.  We have absolutely no idea what passes for a roadhouse or a juke joint over in The Land of the Midnight Sun, but the chunka funk that is “Pistols And Petticoats” would sho’ nuff tear the roof off the sucker!  And, Heidi channels her inner Etta James on the love story-in-song that lets her  vast vocal talents deliver the story of the heroine’s pain and struggle for redemption in “The Occasional Wife.’


Pristine bring their A-game in their live shows, which went a long way in impressing the IBC judges.  With “No Regret,” they do a great job in re-creating that energy onto the album.  These young folks are poised to break out in a big way!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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