Scott Ellison single review…December 27, 2013…





Scott Ellison has been on quite a roll of late.  The Tulsa native, who played in Gatemouth Brown’s band, is a recent inductee into the Oklahoma Blues Hall Of Fame, and has songs all over the TV, in such series as “Justified,” “Saving Grace,’ and “Smash,” and in major motion pictures such as “Feast Of Love” and “The Amateurs.”

His current single is featured in the movie “Homefront,” and is entitled “Jesus Loves Me (Baby Why Don’t You).  it’s a high-octane, slide-driven slab of blues-rock that has Scott begging his lover for forgiveness, checking off everyone who loves him—except for her!

The flipside is “Elevator Man,” and is set over a funky, grinding rhythm pattern as Scott touts his love skills, bragging that ‘no one can do what I can.”   Of special note is the background vocalist on this one—it is Marcy Levy, who came into prominence thru her work with Eric Clapton in the mid-Seventies, in the “Slowhand” and “Backless” era.

Scott Ellison’s forthcoming album, “Hit It, Get It, and Go,” is scheduled for a February release.  If it’s as hot as this single, blues fans are in for a sho’ nuff’ wild ride!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow.

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