Daunielle review…February 15, 2014…




Daunielle Hill has spent the majority of her career literally “twenty feet from stardom,” as she has served as a background singer for the likes of Solomon Burke and Huey Lewis and the News.  She proudly steps out on her own, tho, for her sizzling debut, “Daunielle,” on the Catfood Records label, ten cuts that showcase her powerful voice and her songwriting skills, as well as those of the Catfood stable of talent, such as Sandy Carroll and Bob Trenchard.

The set starts with the strong-voiced Daunielle launching into a loved one who can’t stop drinking, comparing them to a “Runaway Train, on the wrong track.”  The ways of a cheating lover who’ll never change are going to send Daunielle to an “Early Grave,” which also details others who left us waaay too soon, namely Elvis, Robert Johnson, Amy Winehouse, and Janis Joplim.  “I Got A  Voice” is a touching tribute to her adopted son and daughter, both born medically-challenged, and their ability to overcome their difficulties.

Daunielle’s background work with other artists has made her a very stylish interpreter of vintage soul, and there are several fine examples of this.  She turns in a sexy, smoldering take of Etta James’ “Damn Your Eyes,” and incorporates both the midtempo groove of the Rita Coolidge version as well as the upbeat swing of Jackie Wilson’s “Higher And Higher,” nailing the vocal in one take.

Two more contemporary examples of classic soul close the set, and served as our favorites.  The tragic tale of “Romeo And Juliet” is the metaphor for the adolescent, hit-and-miss fallability of young love, while this theme is magnified in the somber story of the young woman who was never able to forget that first “Goodbye Kiss.”

Daunielle ably steps into the spotlight with this excellent debut of soul-stirring cuts.  She is comfortable and perfectly at ease with this material, and brings the goods straight from her heart!!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow.

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