Elvin Killerbee review…April 26, 2014…





When our good friend Shannon Williford told us that fellow Louisiana native, guitarist Elvin Killerbee, had put out a new album, we jumped at the chance to review it.   it is entitled “Straight Lines/Curves/And/Angles” on EK Records.  It is eight of Elvin’s originals, and, if you love good blues guitar along the lines of SRV and Hendrix, and a vocal style that is richly-reminiscent of his homeland, then you will love  this set.  And, the title of the album gives a hint of things to come, as several of the cuts have tricky time signatures and chord changes, often in mid-song.

Joining Elvin on this album is the core band of Willy B. Lowe on bass, and Kevin Ellerbee on drums.  Those drums play a big role in the acoustic set-opener, “Tombstone,” pounding out a dark and stormy rhythm pattern over Elvin’s lonesome lyrics about a man whose “heart is like a Tombstone,’ and “loneliness is all I know.”  “Closer” is an all-electric love song, with Elvin declaring that “you take more than my breath away!”  Midway thru, his guitar goes into dream-space territory, before coming back to the melody hittin’ on all 8.  “What’s Your Problem” deals with a woman who has some serious commitment issues, and the chugging beat and solo might remind some of SRV’s “Cold Shot.”  “You Could Lean” is another tale of a wild woman who likes to throw her weight around the relationship, leading Elvin to tell her “you ain’t nothing but a big ol’ bucket of disgrace!”  This one is augmented by some cool harp from “The Colonel” John Fuhrman.

We had two favorites, too.  Elvin plays a sweet ballad in “To Go Away,”  the story of a love affair sinking fast.  He does all he can to save things, even vowing to “swallow my pride and let the pieces fall where they lay.’  And, he does a bit of braggin’ and struttin’ on the rockin’ song about a man who THINKS he’s a lover, but Elvin is a REAL “Lover Man,” vowing to “take your world and rock it twice!”

Fans, it’s great to see “Straight Lines/Curves/And/Angles”  from Elvin Killerbee.  It’s an excellent blues-rock album with subtle, intricate, and powerful cuts guaranteed to please blues fans everywhere!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow.


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