John Ginty DVD…August 13, 2014…





If you have been fortunate enough to see John Ginty in a live setting or have heard his latest album, “Bad News Travels,” (reviewed elsewhere within this humble forum), then you know what a dynamic keyboard whiz this man really is.  For this DVD production, John returned to the Showplace Studios in Dover, NJ, (where “Bad News Travels” was recorded) for this June 11, 2014 performance, with an All-Star cast of friends to help bring the music on that CD to life.  John thus has the privilege to be the first to produce a set for the “Live At Showplace Studios Concert Series.”

And what a jaw-dropping set it is.  We’ve seen John perform live, and we know his capabilities, and, literally on his “home court,” in Jersey, he’s even looser and more relaxed, just letting the great music flow.

“Switch” and “Arrivals” get him limbered up, and these jazzy grooves set the tone for the rest of the nite.  Albert Castiglia is the first guest, adding vocals on the minor-key “Black Cat,” with some hot, extended solos from both Albert and John.  “Elvis Presley” is next, and Albert and John really bring the funk to the groove of this one.  Todd Wolfe totally  blisters the strings on that midnight creep of “Peanut Butter,” and puts on the slide for the jacked-up jazz of “Rock Ridge.”

If you have never seen or heard Alexis P. Suter, then the next few cuts will be a real treat.  Suter is a veteran of the Woodstock, NY, “Midnight Rambles” with Levon Helm, and brings her big, sassy, soulful voice to “Seven And The Spirit,”  and “Damage Control,” with Cris Jacobs and Albert on guitars.

Cris and Albert swap licks over John’s torrid B-3 work on “The Quirk,” then Cris tackles the guitar on the strut of “Mirrors.”  The entire cast comes back to close the set with the gospel fervor of John’s signature “Trinity,” which incorporates elements of his times spent with Robert Randolph and the Family Band, with all it’s fiery flourishes.

John Ginty brought together some of the finest blues players on the planet to inaugurate the Concert Series from Showplace Music.  If you cannot see John in a live setting, then do the next best thing—check out this DVD of “The Showplace Sessions–Live”  to fully appreciate the talents of this amazing player!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow.


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