Golden Novak Band review…October 29, 2014…





The Golden Novak Band hail from the Syracuse, NY, area, with their core formed by guitarist/vocalist Brian Golden, vocalist/fiddle player extraordinaire Jess Novak, and keyboard man Mark Nanni.  Their seven-song, self-titled EP brings together several musical styles, and shows off the band’s versatility and eclecticism.

The set starts with Brian’s wah-wah working overtime as he and Jess portray misguided lovers in “Let It Shine,” a Hendrix-inspired rocker.  Jess takes lead vocal  in her ode to the power of true love, the kind that makes your heart go “Rat A Tat Tat when you kiss me like that!”  “Chasing” reminded us of a Fifties-styled ballad, with tight harmonies and excellent fiddle work from Jess.  “The Phone” has more fiddle from Jess, while Brian’s guitar takes on a flamenco feel, in tribute to Santana and the grooves of the Sixties.  The set closes with Jess on lead vocal on an all-out rocker, as she wonders why she’s “not good enough to be your girl.”

Hands down, tho, our favorite was a tremendous homage to James Brown, entitled “Hands On!”  Jess fires up the funk on all 8 cylinders, while the band’s groove is cooking with nothin’ but hi-test!

The Golden Novak Band brings a varied, blues-based sound to the table that incorporates several styles, and they do ’em all justice.  The only thing this one needed was to be longer!!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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