Tad Robinson review…April 22, 2015…




Tad Robinson has always been one of the smoothest singers, not only in blues, but in any genre’.  His follow-up album to “Back In Style,” from 2010,  has just been released on Severn Records and is entitled “Day Into Night,” twelve cuts of sweet soul-blues that take a look at varying stages of love, from the strong, lasting kind down to the one-night stands, and everything in between.

Tad is backed by that strong Severn house band of Johnny Moeller on guitar, Robb Stupka on drums, Steve Gomes on bass, and Kevin Anker on keys.  Tad, Steve and Kevin are the predominant writers of the original material as well.

Things take flight with Tad’s reminiscence of a “Soul Lover,” who may be “gone away” but is “always here” in his heart.  Tad gives a very strong read of Bobby Bland’s song of unconditional love, as Tad urges his lover to “take my hand and Lead Me On.”  When you know you’ve found a love you can count on is the upbeat message of both “Mellow In Love,” and “Love Is A Winner,” while a man who’s made plenty of mistakes in love finds himself down on “Used To Be Road,” terminally trapped in a “Blue Yesterday.”  Johnny’s understated guitar adds the perfect touch here, too.  “Nightwatch” has Tad keeping a lonely eye out for a lover who’s vowed to “return one day.”  This one has sweet guitar from Alex Schultz, also.

We had two favorites, too.  Two people who let their lust get in the way find out that “it might feel like love, but it’s just Lonely Talkin,” with fine staccato, stabbing fretwork from Anson Funderburgh.  And, Tad busts out his harp for the set’s bluesiest cut.  Seems his lover needed a break, so “While You Were Gone, that fine lady in Apartment C sho’ nuff broke it down for me!”  This one rocks that swampy, Excello-styled groove to the hilt.

Tad Robinson just gets better with each album.  Knowing that you’ll get a strong set of soul-blues from this fine singer is as inevitable as “Day Into Night!”  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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