Jordy Searcy review…January 18, 2016…





Many fans will recall Jody Searcy’s very successful run on Season 7 of NBC-TV’s “The Voice.”  He was a member of Team Pharrell, and one of the highlights of his run was a duet with fellow contestant Taylor Phelan on the Sctript’s “Breakeven.”  Since his “Voice” appearances, he’s relocated to Nashville and is continuing his career as a fine singer-songwriter.

His latest endeavor is a five-song EP entitled “Seasons,” which showcases his captivating voice and maturing songcrafting.  The four originals are written either by Jordy alone or in collaboration with Brett Burcham or Mckenzie Lockhart.  These songs are exercises in love and its ever-evolving kaleidoscope and are characterized by arrangements using acoustic guitar, piano, strings, and layered harmonies.

Leading off is a cool, pop-flavored “kiss off” song.  Perhaps the two lovers just weren’t ready to commit, but Jordy’s got “scars from my brain to my heart and back again” as a reason to tell her “Don’t Talk To Me.”  The harmonies jumpstart the tale of a man who’ll take a “quick fix” for the night, but, deep down, he’s looking for “Real Love,” as opposed to those “shots in the dark.”

The centerpiece, tho, is “Seasons,” presented also in a live version that closes the set.  It’s Jordy’s proclamation of undying love, wanting to spend all four seasons and forever with his true love in matrimony.  This one is destined to be a wedding favorite for years to come, with its simple, piano-strings-guitar arrangement over Jordy’s emotive, intimate vocal.

With “Seasons,” Jordy Searcy grows up, literally right before our eyes.  He has that innate ability to keep things fresh and exciting, and learned much during his “Voice” experience.  Best of luck, young man!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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