Too Slim And The Taildraggers review…April 14, 2016…





Originally from Spokane, WA, Tim “Too Slim” Langford relocated to our fair city a few years ago, making this already musically-rich community even more so.  A monster guitarist, he and his band, The Taildraggers, have released twenty albums over the course of a thirty-year career, all on his own Underworld Records label.  His latest is “Blood Moon,” another fine shot of blues-rock, consisting of ten originals.

Tim is on guitar and vocals, and employs a couple more of Nashville’s finest to round out the trio–Robert Kearns on bass and vocals, and Jeff Fowlkes on drums and vocals.

Tim has a myriad of influences, from Lightnin’ Hopkins all the way thru the British Invasion guys, and brings them all to the table on this cutting-edge set.  His guitar lines snarl and growl on the leadoff tale of those folks who are always looking to “kick someone when they’re down, ” “you got an Evil Mind.”  The title cut has some killer psychedelic twang, and is a story of putting the past behind and “don’t ever look back.”  A strong shot of that Texas-styled boogie drives the houserockin’ tale of “thankin’ all my friends for thinking about me,” entitled “Letter.”

The Grim Reaper comes callin’ on a couple of cuts.  Coming to Tim in a “Dream,” he’s not ready to go, as he’s got an angel looking over him, and she declares “I won’t let you leave unless it’s with me!”  A country-blues-ish cut is similar in nature, as this time Tim “don’t want no wood box wrapped around my bones,” and begs to “burn My Body and set my ashes free.”  You can almost feel the Crossroads beckoning on both of these…..

Our favorite was easy. Admit it, fellas–we’ve all had to wait on our women while they get ready to go out.  Even tho “she might be my little Dixie cup, I wish she’d hurry up and Get Your Goin’ Out On!”  This one has a Sixties-era Stones feel, especially in the guitar hooks.

There’s always been a spiritual connection between the primal sounds of Robert Johnson and the British bluesmen, all the way thru the psychedelia of Hendrix.  Too Slim And The Taildraggers channel this vibe with this sweet set of original blues-rock.  “Blood Moon” has something for everyone’s tastes!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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