Jared Hard review…May 1, 2016….




Jared Hard picked up his first guitar about age eight, and began writing his own material by eleven, drawing from the rich musical heritage of his Oklahoma home.  Several years ago, he made the career move here to Music City, and fit right in with the guitarist-singer-composer community, sitting in frequently on stage at the Bluebird Cafe and other venues.

Jared has teamed up with fellow Okie composer Jason Hargrove, who’s also moved here, and, along with producer Jeff Anderson, Jared has released his debut EP, “10000 Hydrogen Bombs,” six cuts written by himself or in collaboration with Jason, Jeff, and Karleen Watt.

Jared, on vocals and guitar, takes a poignant look at the rigors of everyday life, love, and facing our own mortality, and this material will really grab your attention.  Leading off is the tale of finding love in the most unusual places, mostly “Right Where You’re At,” which chronicles the tale of a couple who meet on the Greyhound from Memphis to Birmingham.  The wages of war come due in a poignant look at “my Brother, who’s “not different, he’s just changed,” since returning home from battle.  A tune about life on the road and being in “Wichita, down from Tulsa tonite” is “Music Man,” while the set closes with the title cut, Jared’s recollection of what it’s like to REALLY fall in love–like “10000 Hydrogen Bombs all exploding at once!”

Our favorite was a song dealing with one’s mortality.  Jared begs his survivors for  “no fanfare, no parade,” and a “Single Mountain Fiddle” with perhaps a snippet of “Mama’s favorite, Sweet Hour Of Prayer.”  Fiddle from Kenzie Wetz is the perfect complement on this cut.

Jared Hard writes songs for all of us, with the daily trials and tribulations of life as a backdrop.  “10000 Hydrogen Bombs” is an excellent debut from an up-and-coming talent!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.


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