Mary Jo Curry review…August 18, 2016…





Mary Jo Curry is quite the entertaining chanteuse of the blues, based out of Central Illinois.  She studied voice and theater performance in college,  and parlayed that into a stint with a major touring troupe.  ‘Bout five years ago, she fell in love with the blues, and, after you hear her self-titled debut, you’ll love her, too!

Over these nine cuts, Mary Jo wrote two, her husband and guitarist Michael Rapier wrote two, and she covers five songs that are inspirations for her from other well-known artists and writers.  The other guitarist in this band is the incomparable James Armstrong.  (After you finish reading this review, go over to YouTube and check out his version of “Take It To The Limit”).

Fellows, y’all better do right by Mary Jo, ’cause she sho’ nuff won’t take no mess!  Check out her original cut, the opening salvo where a no-good man finally leaves, and she’s so relieved she shouts “Ooooo Weeee, I’m finally free!”  The horn section has some fun with this one, too.  And, to all you chumps that are into making a woman “feel like a fool,” Mary Jo’s more than happy to start “looking for Husband #2!”  And, the set closes on a good “gotcha” note,  Michael’s original tale of a man who’s supposed to be out good-timin’ with his buddies, but, instead, he “comes home Smellin’ like sex again!”  Michael’s slide wails like that ole hellhound all thru this one, too!

We had three favorites, too.  Mary Jo’s vocal is as brash and sassy as you can get as she proudly proclaims “they call me the Voodoo Woman–I look thru water and spy dry land!”  Her original, “Homewrecker,” bumps-and-grinds as she calls out the “other woman” to “own up to what you done!”  And, “Steppin” finds Mary Jo temporarily fooled by another low-down dog who soon finds out “your steppin days are over!”  James busts out some mean slide on this one.

Great singers make a review like this one a real pleasure.  Mary Jo Curry is a confident, strong vocalist mixing outstanding material with a killer backing band.  She has sho’ nuff got it goin’ on with this set!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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