Gina Sicilia EP review…September 29, 2016…





Gina Sicilia has been a Nashville resident for the last few years, but for her latest EP on the Blue Elan’ label, “Sunset Avenue,” she returned to her native Philly  to work with Grammy-winning producer Glenn Barratt.  Over these five cuts, Gina gives us more of her powerhouse vocals and songwriting that has become her trademark since she burst onto the contemporary scene ’bout ten years ago with her debut, “Allow Me To Confess.”

The leadoff cut woulda been right at home on any Nashville stage last week  during the Americana Music Fest, with Gina’s vocals riding over guitars from Glenn and Ron Jennings as she sings of a love that “took me, then Abandoned me!”  Two lovers who’ve dug such a deep chasm of resentment between themselves are the subject of the soulfully-bittersweet “Never Gonna End,” with piano from Walter Runge.  “I Cried” finds our heroine goin’ down to the river to pour her heart out when life gets too tough to bear, trying desperately to “wash the fear off my shoulders and the worry off my mind.”  The set closes with a rallying cry aimed at the fickle nature of the music biz, “I work, I work, but They Never Pay Me,” and swears redemption with “they ain’t seen the last of me yet!”

“Sunset Avenue” is a prime example of Gina Sicilia’s vow to never let her music become stale or formulaic.  She’s always striving to improve, and she’s raised the bar, indeed, with this set!  Until next time..Sheryl and Don Crow.

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