Michael Hornbuckle review…November 20, 2016…




Bluesman Michael Hornbuckle is the son of legendary Mile High City player extrordinaire Bobby Hornbuckle, carrying on his dad’s blues-rock tradition proudly since his dad’s passing in 1996.  With brother Brian on bass, Andras “AC” Csapo on keys and harp, as well as a host of other outstanding musicians, Michael has just  released his latest album, “Soul Repo,” eleven solid original cuts that show listeners the strong interrelation between rock and roll and blues. With a vocal delivery reminiscent of a cross between Tommy Castro and Tab Benoit, he rips into this set with the tale of a superficial lover, hell-bent on spending all his money and guaranteed to make him “Sweat.”  It’s punctuated by unique echo-effects and harp from ol’ AC.  The mythical “daughter of Fire and Water” is a true “devil in disguise” in the love story that is “Baby Rock.”  Funky guitars and stutter-step percussion are  the order of the day as Michael grabs Dad’s “335 outta the trunk” and lights up a story of dance-floor lust, “One Night.”  The somber, poignant, piano-driven tale of lighting a” Candle For Mary” is a symbolic song to remember those who are left behind when the ravages of war claim a loved one.  And,as is true with many of us, “I know I’m only breathing because the music is my friend,” a fine shot of contemporary blues entitled “Me And Melody.”

We had two favorites, too.  Michael tells a lover that, when she’s down, to “Hit Me Up.”  This one is country-blues at its core, with AC on harp and guest Lionel Young on fiddle.  And, the set closes with a killer houserockin’ honky-tonker, this time with AC on the 88’s as Michael tells society as a whole that  “no matter which way you choose, it all takes a Backseat to the blues!”

The music on “Soul Repo” is gritty, passionate, and powerful, and Michael Hornbuckle strikes a deep chord for blues-rock.  The natch’l fact is, “this groove makes you feel at home!”  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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