Tim Mahoney review…January 19, 2017….




Astute listeners may recall Tim Mahoney as one of the contestants  back on the very first season  of “The Voice.”  His latest EP, “Brooklyn,” finds him taking an introspective look at his life thru the lyrics and music within these six originals.

Written from his own life experiences, Tim puts his feelings front and center on this set.  The emotions set forth in the leadoff “Brooklyn” finds Tim hopelessly in love, looking for that one person “to stay with me forever.”  The breezy, upbeat “Happenin” is all about that love  so strong  that “time doesn’t mean a thing,” while the somber “Hold On To Your Heart” was written for a friend battling a difficult time in her life, and is set over a sparse piano and strings arrangement.  “Understand” is an uplifting, spiritually-charged reminder to us all to “howl at the moon” and continue to believe in our dreams no matter what, and he closes with “Bill’s Song,” where our hero comes to grips  with “everything turning out wrong, so I give you this song.”

Ever the philanthropist, one of Tim Mahoney’s great passions is the charity work he does for the Gillette Children’s Hospital.  He channels the feelings of love and sympathy throughout the grooves within “Brooklyn,” and looks to the future with a positive attitude, feeling this EP to be the start of something great!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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