The Two Tracks review…March 20, 2017…





The Two Tracks hail from Sheridan, WY, near the base of the Bighorn Mountains.  For their second album, they drove dang near cross-country to Music City, and, more specifically, to the Butcher Shoppe Studios, to be produced by Will Kimbrough.  The result is a solid, mesmerizing, honest look at life thru the eyes of a band who’s spent much of the last couple of years on the road, in support of their debut album.

This latest album is called “Postcard Town,” and it features eleven band originals, with Julie Szewc on vocals and guitar, David Huebner on vocals, cello, and electric guitar, Fred Serna on drums, and Russell Smith on doghouse bass, with special guest Bruce Bouton on pedal steel on a couple of cuts.  They begin this musical, emotional travelogue with Julie on lead vocal for “Eyes On The Road,” as she encourages us to explore our dreams and be true to ourselves.   David takes the lead on “Lost In This Canyon,” where one’s spirit of exploration and never “letting it all pass by” takes over, much like Henry David Thoreau and Gary Snyder, who each used poetry to seek the truth in their own ways.  David’s cello adds a unique perspective to this cut, as does Bruce’s steel play.

We had three favorites, too.  “Sow “Em On The Mountain, reap ’em in the valley,” is a sweet, old-time mountain gospel tune with the message of turning away from iniquity.  “Old Coyote Moon” is perhaps the set’s bluesiest fare, with its tales of the Great Spirit, disease, acid rains, and wars, and a longing for “the day before Columbus came.”  Will Kimbrough adds a cool touch with electric guitar on this one, too.  And, the set closes as Julie is “finally, finally free” from a controlling lover, and she leaves “the clothes out back hanging on the line” to start her life over by “driving Back To Memphis,” with Will on guitar here, too.

With “Postcard Town,” The Two Tracks reach down into our collective souls with a batch of well-crafted songs that are delivered from a storyteller’s point of view, and the musicianship and harmonies are as sweet as honey in the rock.  Their unique sounds are sure to earn them a huge fan base, and we ,look forward to hearing more from this exciting group!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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