Greg Sover review…July 2, 2017…..





One of Philly’s finest blues/rock guitarists, vocalists, and composers is Greg Sover.  A self-taught player, his horizons are rapidly expanding due to the incendiary nature of his live shows.  And, he has just released his debut, “Songs Of A Renegade,”  featuring nine originals and one sweet cover.

Along for the ride on this set are Wally Smith on keys, Garry Lee on bass, Tom Walling on drums, and Allen James on second guitar.  The latter three gents may be familiar to many of our readers, as they also do double-duty as the backing band for Deb Callahan.  Their tight-knit playing adds a solid extra dimension for Greg’s immense talents.

Leading off is a solid anthem of empowerment, where “rules are made to be broken,” and “this is my Moment.”  Grungy guitars fuel the story of a love affair that Greg compares to an addiction, and a feeling of “sinking deeper in Quicksand.”  That same pull between two lovers is the theme of the contemporary blues of “(Make Me) Say Yeah, if holding you makes you feel better.”  The set closes with a breezy, summery island groove entitled “Cherie.”

We had two favorites, too.  Heavy percussion and slide guitar rides the story of the “Preacher,” as Greg plays the part of the backsliding sinner to the hilt, asking for “Holy water” to get his life in order.  “After Me” is perhaps the most blues-oriented cut on the album.  An acoustic intro gives way to the full band joining in, as Greg laments to us all that “there’s nowhere for me to go and hide,” because, , just like that mystical Hell hound, “Trouble is After Me.”

Greg Sover is a real breath of fresh air in the circle of contemporary blues.  Clever, topical songwriting and a creator of legendary live shows, his stock is bound to rise with a set as strong as “Songs Of A Renegade.”  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow.

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