Ben Rabb review…July 16, 2017….




For Ben Rabb’s second outing, “Feel Me Fall,” he takes a look at loneliness while living amongst the sprawl and bustle of his new home in Los Angeles.   Literally, he got married one day and moved to L. A. the next, and the five songs on this EP were written to help cope with that feeling of isolation, and to offer the same message of positivity to listeners.  Also, this set marks a different side of Ben musically, in that the arrangements herein utilize a more complex formula, including electric guitar, bass, drums, piano, and a flugelhorn, as  opposed to strictly Ben, his voice, and his acoustic guitar.

We had three favorites.  The leadoff cut, “Alone With You,” has Ben realizing he’s been played for a fool by a lover, after finding out she “gladly shared my wealth, but not my fame.”  “Anyday” is a powerful cut that speaks for those who cannot always speak for themselves, as he sings, “I’ll take hope any day when it hurts,” reminding us that, no matter how strong or independent we are, we can all use a helping hand on occasion.  The set closes with somewhat of a retrospective tune,  “Take Me Back,” as Ben yearns for a simpler time and place, without “strings or restraints,”  and with “dreams I could chase.”

The material in “Feel Me Fall” is meant to challenge the listener to make changes in their lives wherever needed, and to do so without  being afraid to move on with life.  Ben Rabb has taken his Midwestern and Northeastern upbringing and successfully melded it with his life experiences as a transplanted Los Angeleno.  Until next time..Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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