The Halley DeVestern Band review….July, 18, 2017…




The Halley DeVestern Band has been away for much too long.  It was January 3, 2014, when we last posted a review for their works, the brilliant EP, “Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho!”   This vastly-under-recorded crew is back with their latest, a five-song EP entitled, “Keep On Playin,” consisting of four songs written by Halley and bassist Tom Heinig, and the closing cut, written by the band as a collective unit.

A lotta women have a big voice, but not too many can match both the power and the versatility of Halley,  and she wraps those boffo  pipes  around these tunes as if they were clay and she the sculptress.  Along with her on vocals and Heinig’s bass, Rich Kulsar is on drums, David Patterson is on guitars, and Steve Jabas is on guitars and keys.

Over these five songs, there are elements of blues, jazz, soul, funk, and, even a smattering of hip-hop!  Leading off is a song of empowerment, urging us to “Keep On Playin,” and reach for the sky, which turns into a full-on call-and-response with the rest of the band.  Halley even breaks off a rapped verse prior to the guitar solo at ’bout the 2:00 mark.  Next up is the bristling funk of “Time for You To Light Things,” which has an even more impressive mile-a-minute rap at the bridge of this one!  “Song In You” deals with finding love on the road during a stream of seemingly-endless “shotgun shows,” while the set closes with Halley’s vocals goin’ down to Memphis Minnie’s juke joint over some sweet slide.  She’s got some serious mojo workin, as she’s  “been hit by lightning, babe—I been Hit Twice!”

The Halley DeVestern Band always keep things interesting, thru their eclectic, varied looks at  all things blues.,  There’s also always one unwavering constant—the mighty pipes of this fine lead vocalist!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society,

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