Antry review…July 27, 2017





Lately, we have been privy to a spate of releases that offer up a uniquely-intriguing “sub-genre,” if you will, of the blues, this one presenting gospel in its mix.  OK, we know that this has been going on since the days of Blind Lemon Jefferson and Mississippi Fred McDowell,  but contemporary players such as Davis Coen, Joshua Jacobson, and now, vocalist (Steve) Antry (say ANT-tree), give this music an extra kick that makes it appealing to today’s discerning audience.

Antry has an awesome set of pipes, and he uses them well and wisely to convey his message of hope, faith, and redemption in his latest offering,  “Devil Don’t Care.”  Joining him is a fine group of A-listers, too, that include Dan Dugmore on guitar and lap steel,  guitarists Rob McNelly, Pat Buchanan, Brent Mason, and Anthony Gomes, and Shaun Murphy on backing vocals.

The set begins on a scorching blues-rock note with the title cut, an original tune from Antry and Peter Carson, where The Devil Don’t Care,, ’cause the Good Book tells me so!”   The plaintive “Always With Me” lets us know that a higher power is always looking out for us no matter what, while “Borrowed Angels” serves as a testimonial to uplift those who have suffered the loss of a child.

“Get Up” is full of the old-time spirit, and is a call to “be mindful of your blessings” and “get back on the road to truth.”  The same can be said for Leon Russell’s “Prince Of Peace,” as Antry warns us to be more tolerant of others, especially in the world today, for that person you wrongfully judge may just be that Prince returning!  It is set over a rather boisterous, Southern-rock vibe, too.

We had two favorites, too.  Antry uses Don Goodman’s “Fishin” as a parable to not only do unto others, but it also serves as a tribute to his late father.  Their water-borne experiences in Autry’s youth served him well in learning the meaning of life, love, and loyalty.  And, Anthony Gomes adds scalding guitar to a Gary Nicholson tune (with additional lyrics from Antry), “Devil Gone Fishin,” and you can sho’ nuff bet “he got all the good bait,” and  “all he’s gotta do is wait!”

Antry has vocal chops second to none.  His three-octave range breathes the fire and brimstone into this material,  as he reminds us to be steadfast in our faith, because the “Devil Don’t Care!”  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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  1. Posted by Kathy Hawkins on July 28, 2017 at 11:23 pm

    The entire CD is amazing, but my favorites are “fishin,” “borrowed angels” and “sending me angels.” I listen to the CD daily and it always moves me.


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