Emily Mure review….August 2, 2017….




Folk singer and composer Emily Mure has played concert halls as a classically-trained oboist, and, she has sung for tips on the streets of Ireland.  She possesses an ethereal, pure, beautiful vocal style that brings to vivid life the material that comprises her latest set, “Worth.”  The nine originals and one cover deal with the merry-go-round of human emotions, from love lost, love gained, and, even love that can never be attained.  Joining Emily on this project is the brilliant musician Zachariah Hickman, who lays down darn near all the backing instrumentation.

This set is full of outstanding music.  The title cut is a reminder that all of us “spend too much time concerned with all the many things we just can’t control,” and is brilliantly augmented by cello from Audrey Q. Snyder and violin from Isa Burke, with the string arrangements well-done by Emily.  “David” is a tune of regrets and “what might have been” had our lovers just been a bit more communicative.  Our heroine admits, she left him “for fear that you’d leave me.”  But, when you find that special one, you’ll know it, and each of you will watch over the other for eternity.  So, in “Already Are,” Emily asks her husband  just “to be what you already are.”  Emily wrote this song of trust, forgiveness, and growth alongside each other throughout life as a gift to her husband on their wedding day.

Emily is also unafraid to approach a difficult subject.  Isa’s violin adds to the mystery of  a love that will never be realized, from one woman to another, as one cannot share her feelings with the object of her affection, who loves yet another.  This one is aptly-titled, “Roommate’s Lament.”

Emily Mure’s wish for the songs in “Worth” was that they could perhaps speak to the listener and possibly help them through a difficult time in their lives, or at least let them know that they are not alone.    With her angelic voice and heartfelt original songs, she gives us the strength to face life’s challenges and use her words as a healing poultice.  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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