The Freeway Revival review…October 7, 2017….




As one listens to Asheville-based The Freeway Revival,  especially folks from our g-g-g-generation, you’re gonna hear a little bit of everything we’ve grown up with–the Allmans, Garcia-era Dead,  Dylan, on up thru the likes of Gov’t Mule, the CRB, and Tedeschi-Trucks on today’s scene.  We don’t want to call them “Southern rock,” because, altho they have Southern roots, this music is much, much more.  The band consists of twin brothers Adam (on keys) and Jonathan Clayton, (on guitar), coupled with second guitarist Tim Husk, bassist Kenny Crowley, and, uber-drummer Cartwright Brandon.  This brotherhood, if you will, released a self-titled EP in 2016, and have basically toured non-stop since then, barely having the time to lay down the tracks for this set, their first full-length effort, entitled “Revolution Road.”

Their incredible musicianship, collaborative songwriting and spot-on harmony arrangements make this set special.  The set opens with guitars blazing on “Goodbye,” a song that teaches us to get rid of all the negatives in life, and features a fine psychedelic-ish solo at the halfway point.  “Peace” has some haunting harp in the foreground, and the fellows use this song to try and offer up a resolution to the current insanity throughout the world today, where “we all blame each other, but we’ve all got dirty hands.”  Cartwright Brandon kicks off the muscle of “Soul Survivor” with some percussion right outta Woodstock-era Santana, set over a groove with a cool New Orleans vibe.

Those golden harmonies “keep these wheels rollin” on “Wanderin,” while “Sense Of Wonder” follows a Doomsday beat over the vocal lead urging us to “break down those walls of animosity,” before giving way to a blistering solo.   The set closes on perhaps its most upbeat vibe, with “Crickets”  again driven by stutter-step guitar and fierce percussion, before another mighty solo.

With “Revolution Road,” The Freeway Revival are not out to reinvent the wheel–they just want to make sure those wheels roll in a positive direction.  Their mission is to bring their message to as many new fans as they can, and they’ve just gotten two more with us.  These young men spread peace, love, and great music wherever they go!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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