61 Ghosts review…October 13, 2017….





Joe Mazzari has been playing his grunge-worthy brand of rock and roll since he got his start on the Boston rock scene during the  Eighties.  He’s played CBGB’s, The Peppermint Lounge, and, even the Cavern Club in Liverpool.  Dixie Deadwood made her mark as the  drummer for Bud Welch for several years.  These two powerhouse talents have just released their crackling debut EP under the name 61 Ghosts, entitled, “….To The Edge.”  They utilize the bass guitar stylings of J. D. Sipe over the course of the six strong originals that show why their skills make the whole of this set greater than the sum of its parts.

Joe has one of those gravelly, raw vocal deliveries—think Springsteen after a half-pint of cold Clarksdale ‘shine—and you get the picture.  The band’s sound overall is deep, primal, and hittin’ on all 8 thanks to the rock-solid rhythm section.

The groove starts with the pounding drive of “Heartbeat,” which, literally, jumps outta the speakers and grabs you.  Our hero comes to grips with love gone sour in the mile-a-minute “No One At Your Door, for you don’t need me any more.”  Next up is the song that served as our favorite, altho it has a dark, macabre feel.  The man in “World Gone Crazy” has seen his share of stuff down at the Crossroads, and he’s about to “do things I’ll live to regret.”  Dixie’s percussion and Joe’s guitar lines paint a Doomsday picture of a man who “sees the world thru a wine bottle haze.”

For all the in-yer-face bombast of the first two-thirds of the set, it closes on a rather quiet note.  “Show Me Your Scars,”  for “they’re not your flaws,” is an acoustic reminder that no one is perfect, and it’s ok to “let down your guard.”  The final cut, another acoustic affair, has Joe asking a lover, “has my Passion Tipped Arrow been removed from your chest?”

61 Ghosts brings the music of the Delta into focus as the forebearer, if you will, of rock and roll.  Joe’s guitar and vocals over Dixie’s deft rhythm propulsion is bound to take the listener “….To The Edge.”  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow.

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