Althea Grace EP review…January 24, 2018…..




Chicago-based singer/songwriter Althea Grace released her latest set, a four-song EP, “Dreamers,” on December 1, 2017.  She collaborated on the four originals contained herein with the iconic Doyle Bramhall II, who produced the set, which was laid down here in Music City at the Cartoon Moon Studio.  Joining Althea on vocals and Doyle on guitars and vocals, we have Ted Pecchio on bass, Ken Coomer on drums, and piano and keys from Andrew Tufano and Robbie Crowell.

This young lady has some serious vocal chops, deservedly earning the title of “one of Chicago’s rising gems” from “Jambase.”  She leads off with the story of a blossoming love affair, that, if “you take me for the woman that I am, you and I could Blow Them All Away.”  The title cut has a sweetly-soulful Sixties feel, and is for all the “Dreamers, believers, givers, and shapers” doin’ the best they can to spread love and hope.  Althea strikes a Stevie Nicks-ish vibe in the wistful, “I breathe when you breathe,” and “I want you to Hold Me.”  Excellent keys from Andrew coupled with Doyle’s guitar add a fine embellishment for the powerful set-closer, “Trapped,” where “I can’t stand the thought of us being two.”

With “Dreamers,” Althea Grace offers us an intimate glimpse into what we hope will soon evolve into a full-length project.  She and Doyle Bramhall II have definitely hit upon a winning combination!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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