Stone Stanley review…June 17, 2018….




Stone Stanley consists of Jason Trombley on vocals, guitar, and percussion, Scott Longnecker on bass, Ralph Gilbert on guitar, Jim McComas for one cut on guitar, and Dan Stevens on percussion.  For their latest, “The Mudstomp Tapes,” recorded at the Cobble Hill and Pepper Ranch Studios, is a unique exercise into the world of music most closely-associated with the South.  It is part deep Delta blues, mixed with the droning stomp of the Mississippi Hill Country, with a side order of Warren Haynes and the ABB tossed into the mix.

There are several looks at love, both good and not-so-good represented herein.  That Hill Country boogie drives the opening charge of “Be With Me,” as our hero proclaims his love, with one caveat–“don’t ever think you own me–I’ll never follow you.”  A Crossroads-ish solo at the bridge gets this one’s point across, too, before it segues’ neatly into ol’ Son House’s “don’t you mind People Grinnin’ In Your Face,” before coming back around for the climax.  “Beast Inside” is a powerful cut dealing with addictions and the subsequent consequences, with a force as chilling as “Charlie Manson’s eyes.”  As the set winds down, we are offered a ray of hope for the future in a somber, reverent read of Warren Haynes’ “Soulshine,” and the set climaxes with one of Jason’s more unique offerings.  The acoustic “Bottled” takes a nostalgic look at the happier times of childhood and the halcyon times of the mid-80’s and “Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, or Dr. J,” and, even “Bo Jackson and Clubber Lang,” as Jason raises a glass to those days gone by.

Stone Stanley offers up a set of honest, hard-hittin roots-blues that pays tribute to the sounds of the South and the unsung heroes who created it.  Kick back, pour a cold one, and enjoy “The Mudstomp Tapes!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.


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