Karen Haglof review….August 21, 018….




Karen Haglof is a rare bird on the rock scene, indeed.  A brilliant singer, guitarist, and composer, she began her career in the Minneapolis indie scene.  From there, she pursued a medical degree which ultimately led to her “day job,” if you will, where she still serves as an oncologist with the New York University Hospital.  As a musician, Karen has a unique sense of humor that plays well over the four cuts that comprise her most recent EP, “Palomino Steady Rocking.”  Joined by long-time musical all Steve Almaas on bass and CP Roth on drums, this set pursues Karen’s love for a true “wall of sound,” as well as the common thread of horses and all things equine over these four cuts.

Leading off is a stone shot of Eighties’ head-bobbing pop, “Ode To Bon Jovi.”  Next up is a “cowboy song” entitled “Snakebite 2,” and describes  what happens when a mythical race involving a wild mustang and “the rancher’s daughter’s brown mare” takes an unusual twist, even after the mare pulls the upset!  This one’s done up in true “old west” style, too.  The title cut goes back to the smooth gait of Karen’s blues-rock influences, while she closes the set with the clippity-clop of “Slow Stampede,” where we are all encouraged to “travel like you are the best version of yourself.”

Given our experiences with oncologists, we know they can give you some of the best possible news, or news that, well, ain’t so good.  As such, Karen Haglof takes a page from the “physician, heal thyself” book, where you pursue what you love in the now, for tomorrow is not promised.  Here’s hoping Karen will expound upon the themes of “Palomino Steady Rocking” and give us more of this dazzling material!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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