September Sunday Nights with Susan Angeletti…September 16, 2018….




Welcome to Week 2 of our September Sunday Nights with Susan Angeletti.  We begin tonight’s segment with a bit of background.  Growing up in western Massachusetts in a large Italian family, Susan was always surrounded by music of all kinds.  She is an accomplished pianist and trumpet player in her own right, but her vocals are what we love to hear!  A combination of the bluesy Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin mixed with Aretha’s soul, that voice carries the day on the seven cuts that comprise “Wisdom.”  It is an excellent blend of blues-rock with a few cuts grooving over to the Southern-rock side of things.

Leading off is Susan’s red-hot take on a song associated with Susan Tedeschi, both of whom share similar vocal traits.  So, if “you haven’t been rocked in a long, long time,” please allow Ms. Angeletti to “Rock Me Right!”  This one is fueled by guitar from long-time friend Bruce Korona.  A love affair that has seen some twenty years of good and bad seemingly takes a turn for the ugly in the poignant subject of “Eye To Eye,” while the title cut has our heroine seeking words of “Wisdom” along Life’s journey with a new lover.

Susan has some fun with a couple of killer rock tunes, too.  Altho “love can make you crazy and drive you mad,” sometimes it’s ok just to  “Knock On My Door,” and see what happens!   She closes the set with a stone shot of roadhouse boogie, “Got To Have You Baby,” with Bruce blastin’ away on guitar!

Our favorite was composed by Susan as she sat on a balcony overlooking the ocean on “Myrtle Beach.”  This one was originally meant to let folks “put the F back in Fun,” and also shows her utmost regard for Aretha and Otis, but now, amid the chaos from Hurricane Florence, it offers a ray of hope to soon restore that devastated region to its glory.

With “Wisdom,” Susan Angeletti mixes her three loves–blues, rock, and soul–and tosses in a bit of a Southern-rock vibe as well.  Next week, we will delve deeper into Susan’s catalog with “Bittersweet.”   Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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  1. My, my,my I’m sure liking this Sunday nights in September Susan Angeletti CD reviews w the lovely blues bloggin’ Don Crow! Isn’t it extra sweet that today is BB King’s Birthday too. Happy Birthday B.B. we love you and miss you! Wow thankyou so very much Don for this super cool review of the Susan Angeletti, Wisdom CD. Lovin that you really dug the 1 cover we did here of Rock Me Right, and ya liked the fired up boogie of “Got To Have You Baby “too. Plus you mentioned you enjoyed the ballads like Eye To Eye and Wisdom. I am thankful n we are so grateful. 🌷 Gotta keep the blues n roots rock music chugging along!
    Susan Angeletti


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