Jeremy Dion EP review…October 23, 2018….





Boulder, CO-based singer/guitarist/composer Jeremy Dion is no stranger to making records.  He has two previous releases under his belt, beginning with 2008 and “Finally,” and 2012’s “Golden Some Day.”  However, neither of those strikes a deep, personal chord as do the six cuts that comprise the “More Lately” EP, released on his own Inner View Records.  Nope–Jeremy uses this collection to express his innermost feelings and chart the course for where he is today, both musically and spiritually, in the process finding his true self.  Coming out at the age of 44, he finds himself in a committed relationship and raising a twelve-year-old daughter.  As such, there are songs dealing with love, struggles, and dealing with his situation.  It also includes a light-hearted look at how his grandparents met back in ’42, and also fires a left hook to the corpulent jaw of His Orangeness, for good measure.

OK, let’s get started.  Jeremy is on guitars and vocals, and leads off with an ode to where he is in his life today,  the lovely title cut, likening his feelings regarding coming out to “runnin’ like a river, right into the waiting sea,” with absolutely “no hesitation.”  “Don’t Bother” takes that love to its lustiest, most carnal places, set over a funky groove and backing chorus.

We had two favorites, too.  “Friday Night” down at the “Old Blue Moon” and later at the “candy counter at the five-and-dime,” leads to romance for Jeremy’s future grandparents, played out over a lively bluegrass arrangement.  And, folks, we’re two years in to what seems like life without parole, and the protest songs continue to kick a little stronger each time out.  Jeremy’s version of “Alternative Facts” finds “the Wizard’s takin’ over Oz,” and “truth was the first to fall,” all done by the one with the “tiny hands” who “conned my way to power.”

Jeremy Dion puts himself out there for the world to hear on “More Lately.”  In the process, he celebrates his heritage and who he is now, while taking a cool shot at the powers-that-be!  Bravo, Jeremy, for a brilliant, insightful set!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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