Cara Being Blue review…March 10, 2019….




Cara Being Blue (Cara Lippman) has been a friend of ours since moving here from Boston ’bout ten years ago.  While in New England, she mentored with Shirley Lewis,  honing her vocal chops and live performing skills, but folks ’round these parts know already that she’s got it goin’ on!  She’s just released “Grit,” ten  originals that, along with her jam session  hostess duties around town, has solidified her reputation as a hard-workin, big-voiced woman of the blues who’s equally at home rockin’ the house or layin’ down a slow-and-sultry groove.

The set opens with the title cut, an ode to those who are “fighters” and “all-nighters,” all loaded with “Grit!”  New York Blues Hall Of Famer Dave Fields is on guitar for “Crocodile Man,” that “hoodoo man” who’ll “take your heart, prowlin’ around like a howlin’ stray!”  Trapped in an abusive relationship, our heroine vows that “One Day, you’ll never find me again.”  It’s embellished by another Music City legend, Tim Gonzalez, on the harp.  Speaking of legends, Jack Pearson appears on guitar as Cara bemoans an uncaring lover in the minor-key blues of “You Don’t Wanna.”

We had two favorites, too.  “Kind Kinda Man” is a swingin, horn-driven smooth blues tale of that special man who has that “twinkle in his eye when we kiss goodnight,” while Tim’s harp drives Cara’s fun-filled, funky romp about “My Doggie,” who’s always “chasin’ other kitties in town!”

Cara Being Blue is on the cusp of bustin’ loose into the big time with a set as powerful as “Grit.”  She’s been honored by the Tennessee Jazz And Blues Society for her contributions to the blues, and she’s got sass and soul to spare!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow.

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