Susan Santos review…April 1, 2019…..




Susan Santos is a dazzling left-handed guitarist who basically taught herself to play and sing.  A resident of Madrid, Spain, she has just released her fifth overall album, “No U Turn.”  It was recorded in her hometown and mixed in Los Angeles, and finds her definitely in a relaxed mode that allows the fire and passion in her playing and singing to freely flow within these grooves.  Her vocal delivery style fits well within the blues-related cuts, and shows a softer side on the more roots-or pop-oriented offerings.

Check out her breezy anthem of empowerment, as our girl “spreads my arms” in a declaration of “Freedom.”  A Crossroads-ish, rapid-fire groove sets the tone for the ultimate choice, “Heaven Or Hell,  with a Hell-hound harp in the mix, as Susan “feels the shadows callin’ me!”  She gets her guitar in a modified rhumba groove in the story of youthful lust and that lover who has her “Shakin All Over,” featuring a sweet slide solo at the break. The ultimate road trip has Susan asking “just hand me a road map, no matter where it’s going,” the good-time blues of “Feelin Good!”   The slide guitar intro to “Green” opens the way to one of Susan’s softer songs, another tale of young love and a “rebel heart.”  Pounding percussion and a Delta blues groove is the backdrop for “In Trouble,” where “I need a place to call home.”

Our favorite was an easy choice.   A darkly-forbidden guitar pattern rides over our heroine’s sad involvement with an uncaring lover who “lives in your own little world,” leaving her feeling much like a “Blind Woman.”

Susan Santos continues to make a name for herself in the world-wide arena of contemporary blues.  “No U Turn” puts her squarely in her comfort zone, and gives a glimpse into the bright future she has ahead!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance.

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