Luca Kiella review…April 6, 2019…..




Luca Kiella was the long-time keyboard whiz for Chicago’s bus-drivin’ blues man, Toronzo Cannon.  He now proudly steps out on his own with his latest project, the five-song EP entitled “Figure It Out,” which shows off not only his keys and vocal chops, but his writing skills as well, penning three of the five cuts.  Joining him on this excellent foray into the blues, we have Dave Forte on bass, Aaron Weistrop on guitar, and Rick King on drums.  His strong family ties to his Italian heritage permeate this set, as he is constantly evolving as an artist, and looking for ways to “Figure It Out,” both musically and as a person.

Luca has a unique vocal style that fits in well within his love for blues, the modern sounds of country and western music, and New Orleans funk.  Leading off is a humdinger of an instrumental that would be at home in any West or South Side club, the “Ten O’Clock Blues.”  The funk hits the fan over Luca’s keys work on Jon Cleary’s “Unnecessarily Mercenary,” and then he turns the Ray Charles-by-way-of-Don-Gibson classic, “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” positively upside-down, making it a jazzy, jumpin,’ fun-filled romp!  The title cut is a fine, soulful, gospel-ish tribute to his deceased mother, whose advice he always sought to help him “Figure It Out” when times got tough.  The set’s finale follows a similar theme, this time with only Luca’s voice and piano, as “So Many Questions” are yet to be answered along his musical journey.

It takes a strong, confident artist to step out on his own to follow his musical dreams.  Luca Kiella (Chellini) is off to a great start with “Figure It Out,” and we look forward to a full-length set from him soon!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow.

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