Terry Klein review…May 6, 2019….




Terry Klein is a “recovering trial lawyer” who resides in Austin, TX, and just happens to be one of the upper-echelon writers in all of Americana.  His latest album is called “Tex,” and the ten cuts explore several facets of human emotion.  No less than Mary Gauthier has proclaimed him a “wonderful new voice in songwriting,” and the proceedings begin down on “Sagamore Bridge,” where, “on that strip of sand down in the Atlantic, you can sin like the Kennedys did!”  “Oklahoma” was one of our favorites, as a young man struggles with his own demons as well as coping with the loss of the family matriarch, where he becomes torn between a visit with his grieving father or chucking it all for “a half-pint of Smirnoff.”  A child dealing with divorced parents seems to enjoy the visits with his mother on “Every Other Sunday,” while another poignant tune traces the life of a young man left to deal with an ailing father who also struggles to keep “Daddy’s Store” afloat.

Our other favorite closed the set.  It is a lusty tale, indeed, of an aging spy trying to figure out what’s next for him, spending nights with “Anitta with two T’s,” and making love to the sounds of “Steady Rain.”

Great writers and singers have often sung of that place that provides “pictures of life’s other side.”  Hell–Terry Klein’s characters drop by The Other Side as often as you and I hit  the Seven-Eleven for a Coke.  The only difference is, his folks cut their losses with a bottle of Evan Williams that’s never far away.  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance.


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