Jordan Whitmore review…August 28, 2019….




For her fifth overall set, Texas-based Jordan Whitmore offers fans “Good Things,” literally.  This six-song EP is the result of going thru a year or so of difficult times and challenges in her life.  The arrangements are built around her smooth vocal delivery and the guitar work of Jacob Hildebrand.  Some are more along the “pop” vein, but all convey her message of surviving tough times and getting much sought-after redemption, all the while keeping an eye on life’s positives.

The proceedings open with a song that shows our heroine has “worked out the kinks” and is focusing her life on “Something Different,” where “the future and the present are incompatible.”  “All My Might” is her profession of undying love “for the rest of my life,” while “What If” turns the concept of love inside-out and upside-down, pondering the musical question, “the hunter or the prey–where will I be?”

The set closed with two of our favorites.  Grungy guitar and a sticks-in-your-brain riff from Jacob rides over a test of one’s patience, as our girl wonders “how long will I hear them say Good Things come to those who wait.”  The final cut finds her seeking that hopeful redemption, as she begs a lover to “lay it all down” and “wait for what’s good,” the somber “I Wish You Would.”

As is often the case with great songwriters, a period of personal strife oft leads to a period of equally-tremendous creativity.  Thus are the “Good Things” from Jordan Whitmore.  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance.

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