Jesse Terry And Alex Wong review…September 8, 2019……




For those who continue to contend that global warming is a Chinese hoax or fake news, please allow us to educate you in the plight of the native people of the Alaskan village of Kivalina.  It sits along the Chukchi Sea, and, for generations, the citizens there have set up camps along the sea ice to carve out a meager existence thru hunting whales.  Over the course of time, the ice has melted underneath, and continues to do so.  As such, the hunting of whales is becoming increasingly difficult, and true scientists believe that within the next ten years, the entire region will become uninhabitable, and all the villagers will be homeless refugees, caused by the melting ice.

These folks have some stories to tell, and, they ain’t pretty.  That brings us to the powerful collaboration between Jesse Terry and Alex Wong, long-time musical friends who have worked up the six-song EP entitled “Kivalina,” laid down at Angelhouse South in Music City.

These two amazing artists blend their voices perfectly to show the plight of this fiercely-loyal tribe of hunters.  Alex’s original, “Landfall,” opens, asking the musical question, “who would believe such a crazy thing” would happen in the USA.  Percussion drives the song about the people themselves, who “fought no wars,” yet are caught in the middle of “Nowhere.”  “Dangerous Times” chronicles the fact that, “the ice is too thin to trod upon,” while the doomsayers give them, perhaps, “Ten More Years,” then, “no hunters on the shores.”

The set closes with perhaps its most powerful statement as our two vocalists pray for faith and strength to “get me through this,” before being faced with the penultimate choice of “Fight Or Flight.”

This nation should be the pacesetter in the fight for climate change, but, has instead regressed into the 19th Century, refuting any evidence of dangers ahead.  Natch’l fact is, all you’ll get from the White House is a damned roll of paper towels.  By calling attention to the plight of “Kivalina,” perhaps Jesse Terry and Alex Wong can make enough noise to bring a much-needed change!  This is one of the most socially-conscious pieces we have heard this year, and, gentlemen, your efforts are greatly applauded!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance.

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