Snarky Dave review…August 3, 2013….






When we got this CD for review, we were intrigued by the man who considers himself a “true snarky-ass.”  However, after repeated listenings to his latest CD, “Big Snark,” we found Delaware’s David Brenton to be a thoughtful, crafty songwriter who writes about events in his life as well as the ups and downs of life that the average Joe can relate to.

Davi is also a fantastic singer and picker, with a substantial collection of Taylor guitars, hand-crafted by Bob Taylor.  He’s surrounded by an A-list of backing players, too.  The Prickly Bluesmen are Rick Beck on the B-3, Bobby Barr on bass, Chris Foltz on percussion,  Tony Robinson on drums, and Jay Heath on sax.

The set kicks off with the ‘lectrified licks of “Caucasian Blues,” and tells the tale of “an old guy who is white, sinngin’ blues.”  He’s the middle-aged victim of corporate downsizing, and is left “drinkin’ whisky out of old Mason jars.’  On top of that, his Material Girl up and leaves him when the bucks run out!  This song is reprised in acoustic form to close the set, cleverly done as “Caucoustic Blues.”  For us, we preferred the latter version, simply because there is nothing stronger than a man, his guitar, his voice, and a backing sax to bring the meaning of this song to life.  He does have some snark in him, tho, and it is directed to the powers that be.  In “Makes No Sense,’ Dave cuts loose on all the game-playing and finger-pointing going on in society these days, making the truth impossible to discern.  “Big Girl” has a rockin’ roadhouse feel, and is an ode to those women who are “plump, cuddly, and soft.”  On a related note is another rocker, “Mike Sully’s Boogie,’ dedicated to one of Dave’s  childhood friends, and deals with the nightly “hit it and quit it” scene in virtually every bar anywhere you go.

We had two favorites, too.  Dave gets downright poignant on a song that obviously had a deep, personal meaning to him, trying to explain away a broken home to an inquisitive youngster and make him understand why Mommy won’t be home tonight.  It’s called “Mother And I,” and it might even bring a tear to your eyes.  At the total polar opposite is our other favorite, and it is full of snark.  But, the snark doesn’t come from Dave–it comes from the three females (Tina Werner, Diane Kendrick, and Justine Huey) and they belabor poor Dave on everything he says and does if it’s not to their liking.  This one is a REAL hoot, and damn near every man on this earth can say he’s been in Dave’s shoes.

Dave sings about drinkin’ out of Mason jars, but there’s something down to earth and inherently cool about that.  That’s what you’ll hear from Snarky Dave And The Prickly Bluesmen on “Big Snark”—strong, down-home blues written from the heart and soul!  Until next time….Sheryl and Don Crow.

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