JL Fulks review…August 11, 2016…





JL Fulks, born in Greenville, SC, in 1990, is another one of those mighty fine young’uns that are taking the blues to all-time new heights.  An accomplished guitarist, he honed his chops down on Beale Street after landing a gig as Brandon Santini’s lead guitar man, playing stages everywhere you can name.  He just released his debut EP,  “On Down The Road,” produced by Eddie Perez at Trunoyz Studios.  Along with JL on guitar and vocals, there is Ken Burgner on bass, Ian Jones on drums, and special guest Matt Schofield on guitar on one track.  JL wrote all five cuts, and it turns out to be quite a mixed blues bag, indeed.

Leading off is a powerful trip “down to The River,” to “wash all my blues away,” including those caused by a hoodoo woman “with a black cat bone!”  Ian Jones gets in some fine stix work on the title cut, which also features Matt Schofield on lead guitar.  They drive ol’ JL “On Down The Road” of life as a bluesman, as “that’s my only home!”

Alright, fellas.  We all know at LEAST one, or two (or three or 20!) women that, no matter what you do or how good you treat ’em,  “we still hear you sob!”  It’s a clever, mid-tempo shuffle that sho’ nuff tells it like it REALLY is, “Honey, Ain’t That Love!”  The set closes on a spectacular note.  “Phrygian Dance” is a five-minute instrumental that takes a little Texas guitar boogie and mixes it with a shot of Django’s gypsy jive, and chases it all with some deep Far-Eastern mantras!

Our favorite was JL’s sweet, slow-blues jam, “I Believe In Love, and I know it’s gonna find me one sunny day!”  He unleashes a volley of red-hot  guitar lines during the course of this one.

JL Fulks has a passion for blues guitar that only comes with youth.  “On Down The Road” shows his feet are planted firmly on the ground as he reaches for the stars of the blues galaxy!  Ride on, young man!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

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  1. Hello & compliments on a great review of JL Fulks’ Band outstanding Blues talent. His originals like “Moonshine Blues” & All on the new EP are Fabulous! I’m totally blown away by his extreme Blues everytime! And never get tired of the explosive riffs, filling me with excitement to the bone!! The Incredibly Beautiful “You & I” will always be a favorite. The Down Home Blues he plays are truly an Art to Savor!


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