Lizanne Knott review….September 28, 2019….




Lizanne Knott has been on our radar for quite some time now, and is set to release her sixth album on October 4, 2019, entitled “Bones And Gravity.” Within these eleven originals, she shares with us her own personal manifesto that we, as individuals, forge our own paths. The songs came about during a personal “housecleaning” of sorts, where she sorted out partially-finished sets of lyrics packed in boxes and melodies recorded on her phone.  She condensed everything into these originals, and they are not only cohesive, but are deeply personal to her.

As one listens, you can feel Lizanne’s heartbreak and anguish caused by one broken relationship after another, and a few songs go into some really dark places.  The set opens as our lovelorn heroine has given up on a lost lover, this time vowing to, after “a hundred days,” ” just “Walk Away.”  A similarly-themed song follows, as she knows “you’re not coming back,” and, thus, goes into her dark place, including “a couple lines of cocaine” from the Mission.  The end result finds her crying out for “somebody to hold me and Keep Me Alive.”  One of the set’s lighter moments is Lizanne’s message to a current lover–“I don’t love you Like I Love My Dog,” as ol’ Jake is unconditionally loyal, and people will “leave you and let you down.”

The song that treads the darkest path of all served as our favorite.  Over a foreboding, “chain gang” percussive groove, our heroine is trapped in an abusive relationship with a whiskey-soaked “man who’ll never change,” and the only way out is a shotgun to permanently “Lay Him Down.”  Tom Hampton adds to the eerie vibe of this one with his bluesy, Delta-fied dobro.

Lizanne Knott has appeared on WSMV-TV and “Nashville Today,” as well as festivals all over the USA, UK, Spain, and Ireland.  “Bones And Gravity” stands to add to her growing legacy as one of the most exciting performers on the Americana scene!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance.

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